B2B Marketing Agency London

Business-to-business (B2B or BtoB) marketing is the act of communicating a service where one business can help another. All parties involved at commercial companies looking to do business with other businesses. Typically in contrast with business to consumer (B2C) typically requires a different style of marketing.

What is a B2B marketing agency?

A B2B marketing agency is a company that purpose is to advertise and communicate a business’s service and offering to other businesses. Typically the service and offerings are essential and useful to specific businesses. For example typical B2B companies accountants and food manufacturers. Over the years through a lot of trial and error with marketing techniques we now know exactly what works for most B2B companies when it comes to marketing. Involves a certain Style different to B2C, that style is a much more direct approach. For example, some typical B2B approaches are direct mail and LinkedIn. Unlike b2c, the target market (a business) has all of the details online normally. For example, they have their address online, they have their email address and phone number. This enables a number of approaches, obviously Direct Mail being one but also on a much higher level you can even track customers by their whereabouts or where their businesses and show them specific advertising material. This is known as geofencing and can be enabled by using the Google display network. You can still implement all the different types of digital marketing techniques that are available for specifically B2B. Not only is it more direct just because a lot of their business identities and contact information is online but the sales process is also more direct. Unlike in the b2c world (as much as B2B), some of these service and product offerings are essential to company operations. For example insurance for businesses, most businesses need to have Professional Indemnity insurance. All they need to have an accountant to correctly configure that revenues, profits, losses and to be able to accurately calculate how much tax is due. Therefore the sales process is quite matter-of-fact meaning either it is going to help them or it isn’t. Also given the activity of the business is normally conducted as a requirement, not as a leisure activity. Therefore on their time and productivity so they cannot waste countless hours on something that isn’t going to help them progress.

Leading B2B Marketing Agency in London

An example of a perfectly executed B2B marketing plan is one we performed for a commercial cleaner. They already had preconceived expectations a Direct Mail campaign working as they previously did it before on a much smaller scale. So what we went through was acquiring all the relevant customers and putting them into categories so we can send them a personalised message where it provides value to them in a customised way. We also revised what was being communicated in the mail campaign. For this, we did some research on the customer demographic and found out what specific services will be most relevant to them and what we can provide in a message that adds value to them. So once we had a finalized message we then sent out these specific messages to each other specific customer demographic profiles and the result was far greater and far more successful than before. Truth is you can’t target typically with a b2c direct Mail type campaign. This is obvious with other marketing techniques in this category. So if you’re a business and you’re looking for a B2B marketing agency in London reach out to advance agency today and we can put together for you a marketing plan that can take you where you want to go.