Branding Agency London

Our creative team loves helping businesses and individuals branding and brand strategy. Most companies will overlook this factor as typically I feel like I have too much going on anyway or they don’t see the value in it. But if you look at all the successful brands particularly in London they all have a clear strategy in mind and continually try to imprint that on there customers. Which is what the definition of branding, it’s really about making your mark. If you look into the history it’s been around for years everything from wood to livestock branding. So you might be thinking how can you make your mark on a customer? Well, what you can do is have a strategy that continuously imprints the same company values on to your customers. For example, if you’re a wealth management company and you’re currently attracting clients that can’t afford your fees you would need to rebrand your identity. This could involve having a graphic designer rebuild your logo and communicate with your webmaster how they need to alter the design to reflect the company image. Also ensuring that your advertising material such as leaflets, digital display ads and text ads are all in sync with your company values and therefore attracting the right client base.

A superb branding agency from the UK

Whenever we take on a new client and they’re looking for help with their online and offline company image. We have a consultation to begin with where we discuss how they want to be viewed by their customers. We going to such fine detail on what the important factors of your brand that you want to translate the most. For example, a hosting company that wants to showcase there exceptional 24-hours 7-days a week support so customers know whenever they need them they are there to help. So once we correctly identify with the company the core values and exactly how they want to be represented in the public. We look into the strategy on how they will communicate this to their customers. We like to keep a consistent image across all different platforms and mediums. For example, they should translate the same message in videos, logo design, blog articles, leaflets, social retargeting ads, letters and much more. Most branding agencies out there in the UK may stop at this point and consider their job done. If this is the case you would want to stay away from these types of companies as they’re not trying to track their progress and ensure success for their clients. Giving our background in digital marketing and tracking every single campaign that we run for our customers it’s ingrained in us to track the results and adjust. So that’s exactly what we do at this point in the branding process is track the response we’ve received and analyse it. When we are analysing we’re looking at how well has the brand been received by the customers. Have we seen an increase in conversion and engagement? Have we seen more negative complaints? Have we seen more positive reviews online? These are all the different types of questions will be asking ourselves to assess where’s the brand changes were impactful. Once we have come to some conclusions we will then make the additional changes and tweaks to the brand and then reassess at a later period. Most companies think that branding is a one-time thing. That is not the case as it’s something that you want to continuously do so it has the maximum effect on your customer and they are completely imprinted with how you want to be perceived. So this means 365 days in a year you want to be continually assessing how you are portraying yourself to your clients to ensure you give the company the best possible chance of succeeding. So if you’re looking for a branding agency to consult with and be able to implement a part or full rebrand of your company reach out to our experts today.