Should I hire a website Designer

The reason you would hire a website designer is professionally complete bespoke projects on a regular basis. As a London website designer myself I know all factors and processes involved I’m getting the desired end result. What is the end result you are looking to receive? Are you a small business and is your online exposure critical to your livelihood? You really need to decide why you’re getting the website in the first place. If it is to make a lasting impression on your customers and to improve your internet marketing presence. Then hiring a web designer should be high on your priority. Because if you compromise now the quality of your website you could compromise on future customers. So you could go and seek out cheap web design services and be left in a worse position than you are now. If you really want to take advantage of having your brand online it might be worth to hire a graphic designer and web developer. Of course, when hiring any of these technicians it’s important to check their credentials and maybe even courses they have completed. Depending on the types of courses they’ve taken should determine their salary and hourly rate that you will have to pay. Should you hire a web designer full-time or part-time or on a contract. Most individuals and businesses will hire on a contract basis. This means the company will provide a quote and then honour that price through a contract. You only really need a full-time designer if you’re planning on creating 8 to 10 pages a day on your website. Now the most people that is definitely not the case and they don’t need that type of mass page building. Also even with building out 10 pages a day a lot of the styling and CSS can be done in advance. Unless the company really wanted bespoke and custom-built frameworks. Hiring someone on a part-time basis may be more beneficial uploading for new pages a day as getting individual quotes for all this work can not only be time-consuming but not affordable. Many web design agencies will hire freelancers on a part-time or contract basis to be able to deal with large workloads. You do really want to creative and boutique style website you should really go to a company that specialises in this. That company will have very experienced and qualified web designers that are paid good salaries and therefore giving your web Project the attention it deserves. Some of the qualities that you should be looking for when hiring. You should be looking for someone who is punctual this means you know when they’re going to finish the Project. Also, they should be available, there’s nothing worse then shepherding unavailable freelancers. Most freelancers consider themselves digital Nomads this isn’t what you want with your product as they will miss deadlines and aren’t available for when you’re looking to provide input. The number of customers that have chosen to go with Advance Agency because we offer brilliant support and we ensure we’re available to chat and give our clients reassurance. Whether we’re helping them out with hosting, the WordPress website simply retrieving logins. We’re always on hand to be able to help them out in any way we can. Hiring someone also allows you to bounce ideas off each other, they have the expertise on how to implement the ideas. And you have the ideas for your business or individual aspirations. So with a combined effort you make a brilliant team and should be able to reach the objective you set out. Where should you look to hire them, you can look on Gumtree or you could use Google as their algorithm is built to provide you with the best results possible. So most of the time they will feed you credible companies that are worthy of reaching out to. You could even go to web developer schools and try an and engage with passionate university students that could do with the money and also have the relevant experience to deliver and what you’re looking for. There is obviously problems involved with this as firstly locating someone punctual enough to complete the project in good time and juggle their university work. There’s a countless amount of courses in London if you went to the course provider and ask for someone who’s experienced enough to complete the project I’m sure they’ll have a list of students that are capable in executing something like this. But my opinion it’s best to stay away from the WordPress website builders if you don’t have the relevant experience to control them and create a safe and secure website.
Especially if you’re going to go down that you commerce route you should have a specialised technician who’s done many of these types project before. Due to the nature this type of project and the sensitive details that are processed, it’s important it’s professionally done. If you need help with any of these types of design and development projects please reach out to our London based team and we can help you out. 

8 tips to find the best web design company in the UK

Advance Agency has been a web design company in London for a while now so we know a thing or two about what to look for. So here are the 8 tips on how you can ensure you choose a company that puts your needs first.

1. Where you find the company is everything
This is a brilliant way to start, think about how you came across this company in the first place. Did you find them on Google, on gumtree, a cold call perhaps, or from a friend recommendation? It matters where you find them. If it was from a cold call a cold email this can sometimes be alarming. They don’t have enough customers that they need to outreach to you. Not to mention you don’t want to go with the web design company that’s brilliant at sales and negotiation on the phone and not brilliant at their own craft. This is why it really matters where you find the company you choose to work with. Where is some credible sources to find a company? Use Google, if they are credible enough how to get to the top of search engines for their respective terms then they’re probably credible enough to handle your project. It’s as simple as that.

2. Make sure you have a big enough budget
If you have a budget £250 or less you’re potentially only going to attract value of £250 or less. This is why your budget matters on your quest for finding a great web designer. It’s not to say that always a more expensive web design company is the best out there. But most of the time it is a key indicator of how credible the company is. If they can have higher prices it means they don’t have to always compromise on price. Therefore providing value in the marketplace.

3. Ask for some reviews
Most companies should have brilliant reviews that they can show you as and when they’re asked. Because if they can’t they probably shouldn’t be in business or are just about getting by. And if that’s the case and they can’t provide these reviews upfront there’s no point risking your hard-earned cash on unqualified web designers. Ask to see their portfolio and look at the type of companies that are dealing with. Normally you can gauge the type of company they are and the type of service they can offer by looking at their existing client base.

4. Inspect their portfolio
As suggested above you should be looking at their portfolio. Take a deeper look into their portfolio, inspect their web pages see how they’ve built these sites for their customers. Maybe ask a friend of yours to check out some of the websites they’ve built and seen what they think. All of this double-checking and cross-referencing enables you to find the best website design talent in the UK.

5. Look at how many people are in the team
Think about this, are you a large business? A small one-man band? Depending on the size of your company and its aspirations you should look for a team that can fulfil those requirements. So do you need just one web designer to take care of the whole project? Or do you need a team of web designers to be able to finish a big project in a short period of time? The real sweet spot for web design company is 5 to 10 employees. This means they’re small enough to understand your requirements and enough in the team finish the project in good time.

6. Ask about their history
A typical question could be “tell me a bit about yourself and your company?”. This way you can gauge whether they’ve just been in business a month or 10 years. And if they give a very generic answer you should push on key questions. Some of these key questions would be:
When did the company start?
What’s your experience in the industry?

7. Ask about their customers
You should find out who are their customers. Finding out their customers allows you to analyse them from a different point of view. Not just analysing their actual web design and development projects. But analysing their credibility in the market place indirectly through their client base. Truly if they aren’t credible themselves they won’t be able to attract and retain credible customers.

8. Ask for past results and successes
You should be asking them on their biggest achievements. Asking these questions, you might think is setting them up to succeed. But if they don’t have clear achievements and successes this means they probably don’t have them and therefore you should avoid them. If they do have clear achievements and clear results this is a good indicator and what you could expect with your own project.

So I hope you found these 8 tips useful and if you employ all of them you’re sure to find the right company for your needs in the UK. 

How much does a small business website cost?

The cost of a small business website can be fairly cheap. There are two real options that small business owner go down if they’re looking for a cost-effective website. If you wanted a credible and professional looking website you should go to a company that does this day in and day out. For example, if you went to a London Web Design agency, you would probably pay £750 for a standard small business website. Other areas of the UK website design could be cheaper however that doesn’t mean it’s gonna be better in quality. Just because of how much wealth and prospering there is in London the most talented developers and web designers reside here. This is also a good option as you can go to them with your exact needs and desires for your web project and they can actually deliver on them. Not to mention the advice that they can give you, as these web design companies are dealing with business owners that are thriving and assisting market-leading companies. So it really paid dividends to be able to have your online presents managed by an experienced establishment. You won’t have to build it yourself. You won’t have to create the content. When we do a website for a small business it’s a painless and simple process.

All we really need to find out is what your services/products are and we can go out into the marketplace and look at what are the best websites in that space. By then reengineering what is working the best in your industry, all of their hard work can be built on the backs of, to give you the optimum chance of success. As a small business owner, you are probably spinning many plates you now don’t have to worry about creating content, planning, organising, and strategizing, as we do all of this for you. We can even provide you with company photos as we have access to millions of stock photos that we can access and put on your website. So if you are stressing out about not having professional enough photos we can help you out. However if £750 is still too expensive for you and you’re looking for a much cheaper web design solution then there are some other options. However, with these options you do need more time and a “Can-Do” attitude when using unfamiliar online technology. Due to the advancement of the internet and all the talented developers that have shaped the design industry it’s now easier than ever to create your own website. There are many providers of this type of service the main ones that come to mind are Wix and elegant themes. Wix allows you to build a website in front of your own eyes on the web screen. You can really let your creative mind go and start designing your own website. All you have to do to start is sign up to Wix’s subscription, costs start at £3 a month and you can purchase a domain and start building out your website on that fairly easily.  It won’t be incredibly quick and you’ll have to use your own photos, text and videos. But the only prices involved with this is your Wix subscription and your domain cost (assuming you don’t buy premium themes). Now, these types of websites aren’t renowned for their performance in search engines. They can normally have slow loading times and such bloated code that sometimes takes away the relevancy of your core content on the site. Not to mention the lack of freedom of what do you want in your mind being able to put that on a website. As you would be able to do if you decided to go with a web designer whose career is based on being able to do this. You may think that these types of web builders I’m going to put developers and web designers out of a job but that’s just not the case as the technology has not advanced enough. The industry is booming in terms of jobs, salaries and putting out courses to be able to train more designers. The second option was elegant themes a yearly cost of $89 and enables you to build unlimited websites if you wish to. However elegant themes only work on WordPress websites. WordPress is a CMS that enables people to be able to create websites/blogs fast and easily. Elegant themes really take that to the next level, especially with their theme Divi. Once the WordPress website is set up all you have to do is download the theme activator on your own dashboard and it’s installed. I would say the website builder involved in this theme is more powerful than Wix website builder. So there are many different options there for you. Obviously the cheaper options other ones which will cost you more in time, headache and quality of the outcome. However, if you wanted to go and have it completed by a web design agency £750 and hosting is £30 a month. Given that you won’t be having to stress about creating it yourself it’s a brilliant option for most small business owners. 

How much does it cost to make an app?

Typically if you’re looking to make an app this can normally cost anywhere from £3,000 to £10,000+. What is considered an app? An application that can be used on mobile, desktop and on the web. The functionality of these apps can extremely vary as the possibilities these days with technology is so vast. You do need a professional development team that can build this from scratch. Most design agencies normally have a development department too so going to one of these providers is a safe bet. So what are the typical functionalities of an app, normally they replace an activity that is generally completed by a human or they take the human element out of certain tasks. So really it just helps us develop as a community and fully leverage the technology that is out there to be able to build these applications that advance humanity and how we live our lives. If you are a developer you should always be improving your skills and taking relevant courses to ensure you have an impressive career and salary. And in the UK there’s plenty of opportunities to be able to advance your software knowledge easily. An app can mean a mobile application which means it will appear on the App Store for Apple and Android devices. These are apps that are typically downloaded on people’s mobile devices, tablets and so on. And they have a particular emphasis on being able to help people who have these mobile devices in a mobile-friendly way.

An obvious mobile app is uber this allows people from all over the world in different locations on a mobile basis to be able to get from one area to another easily using their mobile device. Another type of app is a web application. This is just the same as a mobile app however this is an application that is based online and you don’t need to download it (typically) to be able to use it. Again they try and make our life easier in some way however they are just hosted online access them via an app store. So makes them even more accessible. There is also another way of turning your website into an app easily. Through remarkable software that is fairly young in its cycle. But it enables you to be able to turn your current website whether that an e-commerce store or a brochure website into an app that can be downloaded from the app store. Some providers like Appy Pie will do this for you. Basically they run a script that then turns your website into an app that can be uploaded to the app store and then approved and can be downloaded by mobile users. It’s a brilliant way of having an app on a very cost-effective basis. Probably the cheapest way you will ever be able to build an app is through this method. There is no ability right now for software developers to create apps through using easy software, obviously, you can buy source code and this does a lot of the heavy lifting for you. However, if you’re looking to build an application that has unique abilities you need to do this from scratch most of the time. And if you need to do it from scratch you need an experienced development company to help you. There are plenty of design companies in India and so forth however it’s always best to try and find web developers that potentially you can even meet and see them develop the apps for you. Obviously you won’t be able to watch them throughout the entire Project. However, if you can see them develop in front of your own eyes you can be sure that they aren’t outsourcing the work elsewhere and therefore jeopardizing your project and budget. Because typically web developers that you can’t have a trustworthy and close relationship with aren’t outsourcing that work elsewhere and are taking the proper care involved with developing an app. That’s why using local developers to you that you can sometimes meet in person and really gauge whether they are indeed completing the work themselves and know what they’re doing. So if you want to Advance Agency develop an app for you or your business just reach out to one of our developers today. We will listen to the project that you have in mind estimated time and budget that we believe the project needs to be able to succeed. Following this, you’ll agree to the price and then the project will start. Depending on how advance the development project is will determine the amount of time it takes and how much it could cost. All of our software development projects are priced on an hourly rate and we will give at the beginning an estimated amount of hours to complete. We find this to be the most transparent and trustworthy way of completing these types of projects. 

How much is a domain name?

Domain names price can really vary but most of the time you can get a domain name anywhere from £9.99 – £15. These are just for your standard domains(.Com,, and .net). This is what most businesses and individuals who want to pay for a domain will end up paying. As a web design agency in London that is constantly helping businesses buy domains this is the typical price we see them pay. However, domain names that are incredibly short and easy to remember can sometimes cost up to millions. These are sought after by big companies as they are so easy to remember, it makes customers be able to type them in faster and get to their website. So there are domain auctions where people will pay big money for domains that are very easy to remember. Another type of domain that could cost more than £9.99 to £15 is semi activated domains. Domains that have already had backlinks in Google and are probably still indexed are valuable and therefore can cost a bit more because sometimes they retain the value of the domain search engine history. As Google typically puts new domains into the “sandbox” for at least 6-months and when they first get started. So you’re basically starting your Google journey with a bit of a head start. Now with domain extensions these days there are so many. However not many are desirable or credible to have your business on. Also, domains with heighphens in aren’t as desirable. The domain needs to be rememberable and normally the shorter it can be the easy it is to read and type in the browswer. Take our domain for example it just has the word advance and agency. So think of the most simple way you can describe your business or say your business name and use that. You can get your domain £9.99 to £15.

You should always buy your domain yourself and not let the web design agency buy it for you. The reason for this is you want to own your domain name. If you don’t own your domain and you spend a lot into SEO, PPC, landing page creation on this domain when everything is said and done you may not be able to walk away with the domain you’ve invested in. Which is annoying and costly. I recommend that you buy your domain from would be namecheap or 123 Reg as these are costs effective domain registrars. We can help you purchase these domains yourself as we understand that tasks like this can be still quite technical. Some basic things for you to understand is your domain and hosting is separate purchases. They are individual costs and services. But the benefits of domains is brilliant. It not only makes your business or brand more credible but it gives you a chance to really make a lasting impression on the customer. It enables you to make an impression that you want to. If you want to make yourself seem premium as you have premium prices you can do that. This is a common strategy that is used by businesses that use our design agency’s expertise with their own website. Not to mention being able to have emails that have your own domain on the e.g. This again makes you look much more credible on the internet and off of it too, if you use it on your business cards or leaflets. So if you’re looking to get started with a new website you will need to pay for your own domain. You can then get your web design or development project online by getting it hosted. We can also help you with search engine optimisation and pay-per-click services if you require it. Get in touch today.

How much does it cost to run a website each month?

The main cost that you will incur on a monthly basis due to your website will be hosting. Now if you’re setting up this hosting yourself cost may be very small as hosting providers that are fairly cheap e.g. namecheap, GoDaddy, and siteground. As we provide search engine optimization SEO service in London, we consistently host websites and maintain people’s sites. If you’re setting this up yourself it’s fairly economical. The typical fee you will pay for just shared hosting for the year would be £30. What do I mean by shared hosting? Shared hosting a server that hosts many different website however you have a similar IP address for multiple domains. This is the most economical hosting that you have access to if you want to have your own domain name. Or you can have free hosting but you’re most likely going to have a website’s domain at the end e.g. So this type of hosting obviously isn’t that desirable due to the credibility aspect. However shared hosting is and used by many businesses and companies out there. Now if you’re not setting up the hosting yourself manually. Most likely your hosting cost will cost between £10 to £20 per month for basic website hosting. The second type of hosting system would have is a dedicated server hosting.

This means you have your website on your own server meaning you are the only person using your IP address. There is benefits to using this type of hosting. Number one is you reframe yourself from ever getting a Google penalisation through other domains dirty works (domains not abiding by Google’s terms of service). Most people think this isn’t capable but 100-percent it can happen if a domain on your shared hosting has done something drastic enough to make Google have to intervene on you and penalize a domain. So with dedicated server hosting, you are never subject to this type of penalisation. If you were to set up this dedicated server hosting yourself this would most likely cost you between £30 and £80 per month. If this is done by an agency for you most likely it will cost you £100 to £200 per month. There’s one more type of hosting and regular maintenance that most websites will have is e-commerce hosting. Websites are slightly more sensitive due to them retrieving private details about customers payment information. Therefore they need a very secure server where people safely visit the website and process their sensitive details into each of the websites. Hosting on the e-commerce website, if an agency has done it for you, it should cost you anywhere between £75 a month £150. You may well have had your website built with Shopify or had your web designer build it through that, therefore, your hosting is likely to be $28 per month. We’re still just speaking about hosting at this moment. There are other services related to your website that you could be paying for each month. The two main services related to your website that come to mind are search engine optimisation and pay per click. Search engine optimisation involves creating relevant content on your website and off your website that boost your relevancy among certain search terms. Building this relevancy through content and links to rise and to get to the top on the front page of Google for certain search terms. This is valuable because you get in front of people that are actively searching for search terms that are important to you (aka customers looking for your service). Now the cost of this will depend on how difficult it is to get to the top of search terms that you’re looking to get on top of. For example, if it is very valuable to get to the top of Google, an example niche would be personal injury solicitor. It then takes search engine optimisation of a much higher level to be able to get your website there. And that advanced type of SEO and continuous work towards it would have to be reflected in the price per month. Can cost anything from £100 a month to £2000 a month. And typically you’ll need at least 4-6 months before you see results in Google search index. Secondly, pay per click is slightly expensive in the long run as you pay for the exposure you get however it is instant results in terms of getting customers on your website. Most clicks will cost around £1.50. The typical pay per click management fees are from £75 a month to £1000 or the paper click agency or will take 10% of the overall spend. These are all the types of costs normally associated with running your website. If you need a credible and fair company to run your website for you reach out to advance agency today and we will get you the best deal with can with any of the services mentioned above.

What is a web design agency?

It’s a group of people that build websites for individuals and businesses. Advance Agency is web design agency based in London, so believe we know how to define our own company. Most likely they all have graphic designers, web designers, copywriters all in-house so they can use their talent and services on people’s website and projects. The job is really to create a design that works well on the internet. This could be a brochure website, an e-commerce website, mobile application, or an advert that will be on people’s website or displayed across Google networks or Facebook. These are the types of projects that a web design agency undertakes. A web design agency normally has to have a creative and bespoke approach as really they’re going to be able to succeed by providing a remarkable design that works for the individuals and businesses. A good place to look for these types of design agencies is on Clutch. Also you would get the classic cliches other web design agency, as having a office dog or having a ping pong table in the lounge/ kitchen area. This type of aspects is what is marketed to software developers, mobile developers, web designers and graphic designers as it’s a cool place to work for them socially. Normally choosing a web design agency is quite pricey and there can be incredible costs with their services.

However, that is not the case with Advance Agency we have excellent Talent in-house to be able to create incredible web design and development projects whilst our prices are still affordable enough for individuals and small businesses to take advantage of our wonderful services. We’re able to offer such rates due to the fact we have a large demand of projects in our pipeline at all times. The fact we don’t have to charge a business bespoke prices just because we don’t have many projects on the go. So what are the alternatives to going with a web design agency? You could hire a design freelancer. Your then exposed to potential unreliability in the product offering and the efficiency in their deliverability. However you get a cheaper website but the associated risks will always be there. Another option with paying less is using the easy website builders such as Divi. Again the risks involved with doing something yourself that you’re not qualified to do is the associated risks with your website security and when it’s working with customers. You Could do it yourself and then defeat the main objective of having a website is that it responds well with the customer when they’re on it. A design agency should elivatiate you from any of these risks occuring, meaning you get a high-quality product and have constant support from a team that has always dealt with any problems that you may ever encounter. Just the security alone of knowing the fact that the web design company have really been through it all they’ve seen all scenarios they understand how to work safely on the web. They also understand what is the most important aspects of your website that you should be getting right so you can get the most rewards from having a website. Not having a company on hand to support you is really a negative route that you should never really want to go down this unless you have to e.g. you cannot afford the cost. Then you would have to go down website builder pathway but I believe if you have to go down that route, it may not give a credible enough view of your company to reap any benefits of having the exposure. Especially if your website is going to be processing payments or orders. This is something you don’t want to mess up as saving a cost on the front end with regards to your website could put you in position where much greater costs could incurr through mismanaging customers sensitive details. Not only the fact of getting a better product offering a web design agency could inspire you and give you more food for thought on how your business can be more successful. These agencies are dealing with market-leading brands market-leading businesses and the crossover can be huge. As they can give you a brilliant insight into what else is working in the market, in the industry, in the world and how they can transfer that into your business. Because truly they will not want to keep that quiet. The major successes with other companies, the strategy they’re using because they will want to employ the same strategies but for you so you can benefit from the opportunities in the digital market also. Therefore not only you would be getting a better product offering but also you leverage their entire expertise and experience in the industry. Because they are normally at the forefront of what helps businesses and individuals truly progress. If you’re looking for a credible agency and you individuals that have proven experience in the web design space take a look at us Advance Agency. We’re capable of handling any web or development project that you may have. We have brilliant testimonials, great client bases in a variety of industries in a variety of Markets so please get in touch today if you’re looking for an agency like ours.

How much does it cost to build a website in the UK?

So this can really vary depending on the type of website that you want. For example, you could want an e-commerce website, you could want a website that is a brochure type website. We service companies with this type of web design in London all the while. These two websites a very different because one enables you to be able to process payments whilst the other is you just have your services and about us section and contact details. Because the e-commerce web site processes payments and handles highly sensitive data this is what makes that more expensive because of this highly advanced systems that need to be in place with the website. And with the brochure website, you only need to create a simple 5-page website and this is enough to be able to perform as a brochure website. Because the intention with this website is just to be able to showcase the company’s details.
There is other services that a web design company can provide you with a website however I’m not going to divulge into every single type of website you could get out there. As we would be here all day for that to happen.

The main cost of a website from a web designers point of view, is hosting, themes, domain, application/plugin integration. Briefly among these type of website costs, the main cost that will cost you the most is going to be your themes/application integration. Domains are very cheap you can normally get these for £9.99 or just a bit above that. Hosting is also incredibly economical with regards to price. So you’re themes and application integration is where the cost will come and for anyone that doesn’t really understand what that means this is what helps build the framework of your website and its functionality.
Another part that could drastically change the amount you pay for a website where are you getting the website from. You can get a website could even try and build it yourself on Wix or you can hire a freelancer on Upwork or you can come to a professional web design company such as advance agency. All of these options differ because of the final product they offer. For example, when you come to design company such as us you will be getting a professionally designed and high-quality website from industry experts. We understand the basic elements that make a website very effective. Understand how to position your buttons, how to position your navigation so your customer has the most pleasurable experience possible whilst on your website. We’ve learnt these ways in which we can develop websites due to our extensive background in digital marketing. We manage thousands of pounds in advertising spend into landing pages and web site design and development projects that enable us to figure out exactly what the customer wants when they visit a website. Therefore we create projects that work extremely well with customer experiences and mobile user experience. Applications and mobile development type products sometimes can cost much more because of the intricacies of the processing building out these applications.
Typically most web design companies price on a quote. For advanced projects this is necessary however for some projects this is just a way that companies can try and make more out of a website. In terms of giving you guys figures that you can go off for the type of fees for a web design project. A Basic 5-page brochure website you would be looking at the £1000 mark. For a e-commerce website professionally done and built on a system that is credible enough to process payments this would cost £3000. And if you were looking for a freelancer to go on a price per hour you could have probably achieve £20 or even £15 an hour if you look in the correct places. Again the quality is going to be drastically lowered then going to a web design company as they can’t include everyone’s expertise into a project (like an agency can). If you’re looking at these options and it seems still too expensive then maybe look towards providers like Wix where you can build your own website again the quality of the end product is drastically reduced due to saving costs on the website. It depends on what you’re looking to do with the website if you’re in a position where you need this website to more effectively showcase your brand and make customers aware of your credibility then it wouldn’t be the best to go with a Wix type website. If your just getting started and maybe your a one-man-band with little to no revenue yet maybe it’s better to go with a Wix until your more established. So I’ve given you their varied options and how much it cost to build a website as I said we normally quote people on what actually is involved with the project this way we can effectively manage our time spent on the project and give you the most cost-efficient price so if you are interested please get in touch with Advance Agency today.