Digital Marketing Agency London

Our digital marketing company loves being able to leverage the internet on desktop mobile phones and other digital media platforms to promote services and products. The development of this industry which started back in the 1990s to 2000s revolutionised the marketing space. This space used to be dominated by the huge companies that were the only people able to market at scale. The main channels that are typically used in this space is search engine optimization (SEO), search engine marketing (SEM), social media marketing, influencer marketing, content marketing and pay per click (PPC). All of these platforms have one thing in common, they have a low barrier to entry point. Previously the only way companies could really gain exposure and scale the advertisement was using TV or radio. Now through the means of social media marketing, you can start a small marketing campaign specifically target certain demographics that are associated with your customers. If you’re able to get an early return on investment you can feed the campaign and enable it to grow. This wasn’t possible with the traditional methods aforementioned. Which is why it’s managed to evolve into a huge new industry that has completely disrupted the market. Also unlike the traditional methods, you can track everything with online and internet marketing techniques. You can track customers via cookies and see what digital activities a generating you the most conversions in your campaigns. Again this allows you to scale because you can see where you are driving conversions with your online traffic do more of what’s working.

What’s at the core of digital marketing services?

Digital marketing is known as a “results-based marketing” technique. which also means being a marketer in this industry can be incredibly lucrative because it’s now easier than ever to show your value and be able to prove it statistically. Why you can see impressive salaries and continuous job growth in this industry. So if you are looking for a career we’re always looking for experts in this space that can effectively manage campaigns and provide brilliant our way for our clients. People do sometimes I ask weather way include the “marketing mix” in the digital world. Absolutely we still analyse “price”, “place”, “product” and “promotion”. With regards to price will be assessing what the competitors are charging to understand what viable price point in the market. As obviously if we are the price ourselves no matter the targeting and advanced landing page optimisation sometimes it’s unattainable. Secondly place, we can choose which is the best platform whether it’s better to go with one of the social networks such as Facebook Instagram or LinkedIn. Obviously LinkedIn will be better for business-to-business (B2B) customers and Facebook and Instagram will be better for business-to-consumer (B2C). “Place” quite heavily aligned with “promotion” in the digital space as everything is online you don’t have a brick and mortar style business you can be in many places at once depending on your marketing strategy. So we normally look at how other competitors are bringing in business and then we aim to dominate those channels and add more on top. That’s how the “marketing mix” differs in the online and internet world. So we typically offer two different types of strategies in the digital world. The first one is a slower strategy where we incorporate SEO and organic social media activity. With this strategy, you don’t pay for the exposure you get you pay for the expertise in being able to get you future exposure. Results could be seen with campaigns like this after 4 to 6 months. So it’s for businesses that don’t need to bring in new customers as of tomorrow but likes to plan ahead and build a customer base for the future. The second option is the faster and more instant results package. Going down this route means you’ll be paying for every website visitor you get as you’ll be using PPC and social media retargeting ads. Obviously choosing this method you get in front of new customers faster and suits businesses that are looking for new customers as of tomorrow. You need a digital marketing service you should choose Advance Agency to help you succeed online.