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You might be an established company or a startup, both need a credible e commerce development company to help them grow. This is where Advance Agency can help you develop a website that enables you to get the most out of your store. E-shops are slightly different to regular websites as they have the ability to make purchases online. But the structure of the websites slightly differ and certain search engine techniques need to be altered to adhere to this. A big consideration of any eCommerce website should be how friendly they are to search engines. Google holds a massive amount of traffic and it’s important you have the right title tags, canonical tags and optimized category pages to prosper. Otherwise, your website may look brilliant and have the best user experience in the world. But if it doesn’t index in Google, you’re missing out on a big opportunity.

eCommerce Developer’s Advice on the different platforms

There are now many e-commerce providers in the market and it can be confusing choosing one. To list a few, you can choose from BigCommerce, Shopify, WooCommerce, 3dcart, Volusion, and Magento. Due to our industry positioning we know which platforms serve you in certain scenarios. For example, if you’re looking for a strong SEO performance and flexible and scalable platform, BigCommerce would be a good choice. However, Shopify has very fast load time and they created their own template language in Liquid making their websites very robust & reliable. Not to mention the number of users they have far outweigh some of the other options listed above and you want that in your e-shop platform. It also means less technical problems in the future and you don’t have to troubleshoot the platform as much (or ever!). As we are a London web design company we know categorically that page loading speed is important (especially with E-shops). Which is another comparable difference between frameworks, and very important when it comes to customer conversion (making an online purchase). 


 Advance Agency is always helping out eCommerce companies thrive online from our base in the UK. We’re surrounded by brilliant stores and love to give them the platform to be able to sell their products effectively on the internet. Electronic Commerce is built on these foundations: mobile Commerce, supply chain management, online inventory systems and internet transaction. It is just a technical way of saying that companies do business on the internet and don’t need retail space in order to sell their products. Typical stores you would have heard of are Amazon (who started off by selling books) and digital distribution stores such as iTunes.

E-commerce Payment Gateways

Another consideration you have when you are looking into building an e-commerce website is payment gateways. The best payment gateways for e-shops are PayPal, Stripe, 2checkout, Authorize.net, Skrill, Wepay, Google checkout, and ApplePay. The differences between these cart checkout payment methods come down to their transaction fees, their market share and their acceptance of major credit cards. You obviously want the lowest possible transaction fee however you don’t want to lessen the security of your customer’s purchases.

Which is why the market share is important as PayPal is able to charge a higher transaction fee as their brand is widely known and they provide a high level of security (in the eyes of the customer and their encryption). Lastly its important that people are able to use their credit cards as some eCommerce payment gateways won’t allow certain credit cards. 

Our eCommerce experts can build your store in Magento, BigCommerce, Woocomerce…

There’s a variety of options you can take when you’re looking to build your website such as Magento, Shopify or even using WooCommerce on WordPress. As an agency, we can help you with either of these options and they both have their benefits. For example, with Magento, it’s an open-source platform written in PHP and allows great customization, If you have an experienced developer on hand to be able to build it exactly how you want it. Shopify, the Canadian multinational e-commerce company, has become a brilliant platform that enables customers to create online stores and retail point of sale systems. Some of the largest companies in the industry use this platform and for the price of $29 a month in hosting a brilliant option for most businesses. 

Our development team can help in either of these frameworks and highly recommend both are credible systems for you to use. To have a successful store online you need to have a powerful digital strategy and branding agency. The main part of the strategy is how you’re going to get online visitors to your website so they can browse your stock and make payments. The reason why you should take a large amount of your attention and effort on your brand is that customers directly associate the quality of your product with how they perceive your company. So you need to ensure you’re sending all the right signals and have the design elements in place is the best image of your company in the marketplace. Therefore throughout the development, your developers need to be conscious of styling the website in a way that represents the core values that you want to represent in your business. Due to so many companies now wanting an online presence the demand for these types of websites is huge.

Personalised E-Shops

So many people can take their services and products online therefore for us developers it’s a brilliant job to have. Which is also while we’re always interested in recruitment as we have the work and are willing to pay grade salaries for experienced technicians. We pride ourselves on having a brilliant ethos in our company with a wonderful work environment which makes a career at our company very desirable. So if you’re an individual or business and you believe you can start processing orders online and go to sell your services on the internet, be sure to reach out to our team today. 


I will walk you through the process. Typically customers will ring us up with an idea and we go through what the store could look like and provide you with a quote. We have a base fee to develop the structure of your platform and then a price per product. Following moving forward with us will take 50% of the deposit at front and build out your store entirely. If using Shopify we will use premium themes and if you wish we can upload all of your products and correctly configure them. We can also set up payment configuration so you can process payment seemingly and fulfil orders. So if you’re in need of an eCommerce store and want a UK   46kbased agency to build it for you, reach out to us today!



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We work across all platforms