Google Ads Consultant London

We’re highly advanced Google ads (formerly known as Google AdWords) consultant and agency based in London managing local and national campaigns for our clients. We love this fantastic online advertising platform developed by Google that enables us to create brief advertisements in the form of  Product ads, Services ads, and video content to get in front of web users on the Google ad network. We specialize in pay per click and a typical two in this space is search and display advertisements. Google ads a full platform that allows individuals and businesses to Leverage the Google ad network and getting front of customers looking for their exact products and services and it is no wonder why it’s contributing source of revenue for Google (with total advertising revenues at $116.3 billion in 2018). What’s brilliant about the PPC pricing model is you actually just pay for your exposure, so for example, only pay when your ad is clicked on. This is different from other advertising platforms that sometimes you paid to even just get her an impression. For those of you that don’t know what an impression is, it’s someone viewing your ad but not clicking on it. In other platforms such as Facebook, you typically will pay for exposure not the number of clicks you get. Basically this is what AdWords is known for and is one of the main reasons why Google derives 86% of its total Revenue through this advertising platform (as of June 2018). 

Google Ads (Adwords) Agency in London

There are obviously two ways you can go with using Google you can go the Organic root, which is unpaid results (typically a slow burner) or you can go down the paid ads route which has overnight results. We provide both of these services and they both have their benefits, most companies we come across prefer Google ads as they can see results quicker and can prove that this network is the right place to advertise my business.

Another brilliant advantage of using Google ads is you can look back at a historic search data using Google’s keyword planner tool. We can look out what your customers have been searching historically for years, and it gives us an estimation of how many searches your keywords get each month what they expected cost per click price is. So within just a few minutes of talking with our Google ads consultant on the phone, we can give you accurate predictions on what a campaign could look like in your industry. And a speed in which we can implement the campaign and reveal whether the campaign is viable can be profitable for you is astronomically quick. On all of our campaigns, we have conversion tracking setup that is interlinked without Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics so we find out what paid traffic source and driving conversions and where we should add negative keywords traffic sources that aren’t converting. Our Google ads agency and consultants can serve people in London, Greater London and the whole of the UK what are PPC services. We have managed campaigns on an international basis and due to the advanced ability to scale on the Google ad network, this can all be managed from our base here in London. So if you need a highly advanced consultant to improve the investment and profitability of your Google ad campaign speak to someone from Advance Agency today and will be happy to give you a transparent inside to what’s working and what isn’t in your campaign and how we can go about fixing it.