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As a London web design agency it’s important we have our websites on a credible web hosting provider. What really is a web hosting service? Internet hosting service that enables businesses and individuals to be able to make their site accessible to the World Wide Web. A Hosting provider will either own or lease the server space in a data centre and allow their customers to be able to use it. This server is actually quite useful fewer customer in the UK and specifically, in London you would want a server and as close to London as possible. Because where the server is in comparison to where the customer is means formation can be transferred faster AKA the customer can view your website faster. For example, some people go with a cheap hosting service and end up having a server in America whilst all of their customers visit their website in the UK. Therefore the UK customers when viewing the website have a slower rendering (loading) because the server isn’t near to them.

Leading support and web hosting services in London

There’s a variety of web hosting packages that you can go for. You can go on a shared hosting server. This basically means there are many people on the same server that you are. This works for some people as it normally means it’s very economical and can normally have a shared hosting server for a very cheap price. However, there are some limitations due to the fact that you are on the server with other people if they ever overuse the amount of space on the server maybe they undergo a lot of traffic sometimes it can slow down your website. Also if any of them ever received a big Google penalisation, Google has been known to penalize the entire server. The reasons for this is de intend to stop other sites that this entity may have and penalize them all in order to stop their unwanted activity. A way of avoiding these limitations would be to have a dedicated server. This means it’ll only be you on this server have the two limitations mentioned above. However, this does come at a price because the hosting company has to give you your own dedicated IP address and server they have to charge you more for this. You’re looking for a shared hosting price plan this would normally cost you £40 to £50 for the year. If you were looking for a dedicated server this could cost 40 to £50 per month. So it didn’t say that have very different prices because they are quite different in their value exchange. The prices above are charged if you went directly to a hosting provider such as Fasthosts or GoDaddy. What is the type you would be going to a web design agency like us and because we have highly advanced servers and make them very secure for you we typically charge £30 a month? There are also some addons and different types of style of servers that are out there for you to Leverage. For example, you can have a WordPress hosting specific service, this has been specifically designed to help WordPress websites. As you may well know WordPress websites have a MySQL database and when someone views the website that triggers the website to grab all the files necessary from the database and project that on the screen. Because this occurs this can slow down your website, so with a WordPress hosting service, it ensures you have a fast loading speed. Some ways they would do this is by putting on a default CDN on your website and server to this ensures that your web page loads fast because it takes an image of that page and then stores it in a place where it can be accessed quickly and therefore the customer has a fast loading page. This can sometimes be a little bit more expensive, the prices could be £40 a month. Also if you did have a web design agency managing your website for you and they were providing web hosting. Dependent upon whether they included it within their service allows the customer to have site support. This would mean if the customer wanted any changes or updates making to the website the webmaster could make those changes on behalf of the customer. Upon what the web design agency agrees to when you sign up with their service. So if you’re in London and you’re looking for a credible and affordable web hosting service from a company near you reach out to us today and we will be happy to help.