How much does a small business website cost?

The cost of a small business website can be fairly cheap. There are two real options that small business owner go down if they’re looking for a cost-effective website. If you wanted a credible and professional looking website you should go to a company that does this day in and day out. For example, if you went to a London Web Design agency, you would probably pay £750 for a standard small business website. Other areas of the UK website design could be cheaper however that doesn’t mean it’s gonna be better in quality. Just because of how much wealth and prospering there is in London the most talented developers and web designers reside here. This is also a good option as you can go to them with your exact needs and desires for your web project and they can actually deliver on them. Not to mention the advice that they can give you, as these web design companies are dealing with business owners that are thriving and assisting market-leading companies. So it really paid dividends to be able to have your online presents managed by an experienced establishment. You won’t have to build it yourself. You won’t have to create the content. When we do a website for a small business it’s a painless and simple process.

All we really need to find out is what your services/products are and we can go out into the marketplace and look at what are the best websites in that space. By then reengineering what is working the best in your industry, all of their hard work can be built on the backs of, to give you the optimum chance of success. As a small business owner, you are probably spinning many plates you now don’t have to worry about creating content, planning, organising, and strategizing, as we do all of this for you. We can even provide you with company photos as we have access to millions of stock photos that we can access and put on your website. So if you are stressing out about not having professional enough photos we can help you out. However if £750 is still too expensive for you and you’re looking for a much cheaper web design solution then there are some other options. However, with these options you do need more time and a “Can-Do” attitude when using unfamiliar online technology. Due to the advancement of the internet and all the talented developers that have shaped the design industry it’s now easier than ever to create your own website. There are many providers of this type of service the main ones that come to mind are Wix and elegant themes. Wix allows you to build a website in front of your own eyes on the web screen. You can really let your creative mind go and start designing your own website. All you have to do to start is sign up to Wix’s subscription, costs start at £3 a month and you can purchase a domain and start building out your website on that fairly easily.  It won’t be incredibly quick and you’ll have to use your own photos, text and videos. But the only prices involved with this is your Wix subscription and your domain cost (assuming you don’t buy premium themes). Now, these types of websites aren’t renowned for their performance in search engines. They can normally have slow loading times and such bloated code that sometimes takes away the relevancy of your core content on the site. Not to mention the lack of freedom of what do you want in your mind being able to put that on a website. As you would be able to do if you decided to go with a web designer whose career is based on being able to do this. You may think that these types of web builders I’m going to put developers and web designers out of a job but that’s just not the case as the technology has not advanced enough. The industry is booming in terms of jobs, salaries and putting out courses to be able to train more designers. The second option was elegant themes a yearly cost of $89 and enables you to build unlimited websites if you wish to. However elegant themes only work on WordPress websites. WordPress is a CMS that enables people to be able to create websites/blogs fast and easily. Elegant themes really take that to the next level, especially with their theme Divi. Once the WordPress website is set up all you have to do is download the theme activator on your own dashboard and it’s installed. I would say the website builder involved in this theme is more powerful than Wix website builder. So there are many different options there for you. Obviously the cheaper options other ones which will cost you more in time, headache and quality of the outcome. However, if you wanted to go and have it completed by a web design agency £750 and hosting is £30 a month. Given that you won’t be having to stress about creating it yourself it’s a brilliant option for most small business owners.