How much does a WordPress website cost in the UK?

The Cost of a WordPress website in the UK can vary. Some wordpress websites can be thousands some websites can be much more simple and therefore cost £500. If you’re looking for WordPress web design services in London, look no futher than Advance Agency. An example of a WordPress website that is more expensive will most likely be custom-built. Now the benefits of this is you can get a truly unique website design. However you won’t be able to edit the website using a easy website builder. This is the potential drawback with having a bespoke custom built website from an agency. As if you ever need to make changes to your website you will most likely have to pay a price per hour to make those changes. Therefore this can cost you an hourly rate of £25 to £30 an hour. Which the continuous updates to your website can make it a costly activity. Instead, your WordPress designer could use a WordPress theme as Elementor or Divi has a very easy website builder built-in. This should be a much easier process edit your website in the long run and cost you so much less.  Another reason why you will want one of these WordPress themes as the framework for your website is they are used by many website designers. This basic fact enables you never to be in a position where you are stuck and cannot find expertise that can solve any website issue or error. Obviously this is a negative view point believing that errors and issues are on the horizon with your website. However this is truthful and some agencies may build your website and then not being business to be able to support it. For example, if you had a custom built site impure HTML CSS and JavaScript then being able to edit this in the future can make the task much more difficult. Because you have to find credible web designers that code efficiently in the languages aforementioned.

Better still you can probably login to the WordPress website yourself and make any additional changes that you ever need to. Also a good part about having a WordPress website is being able to easily post blog articles and newsworthy stories related to your website / industry.
So what are some other costs associated with a WordPress website. WordPress plugins is an additional type of cost associated with WordPress websites. A WordPress Plugin is a way of adding extra functionality to your WordPress website. You could be creating contact forms or turning your website into a learning management system or enabling taking bookings online. Really there are endless amounts of plugins out there that can add functionality to your WordPress website. Basically the plug-in developers create something that brings massive value to an individual / business by providing this functionality in a very accessible way. They could create all of these bespoke functionalities one by one however this would drastically cost the customers much more and cost of the developers many more hours implementing the software. So therefore it makes sense to create a WordPress plugin that can be downloaded and activated by millions of users. A quick note, you should be wary of any WordPress plugin with a low amount of downloads and a low quality rating. Because untrustworthy plugins can normally be at the heart of security breaches and issues with WordPress websites.
Another associated cost with a WordPress website is WordPress hosting. WordPress hosting is basically built around enabling WordPress websites to load fast on browsers. WordPress is setup and how they use MySQL databases, makes them inefficient at loading their pages quickly. This is why you want WordPress hosting as most of the time they will be expecting these types of inefficiencies on the website and have a easy to use CDN on demand. A CDN basically takes an image of your website and loads simply that picture saved at a nearby server to the customer that is viewing the website. Which means when the customer visit the website all of the information is already in front of them rather than the databases requesting all the files and content. WordPress hosting or typically cost anything from £2.95/mo to £40 a month.
So if you want Advance Agency to build a WordPress website for you we can definitely do that. We create many these websites for our clients we use incredibly credible themes and plugins. Therefore making the cost of foldable for you while providing the best quality in the market. The process when we build one of these websites is we will create the first draft within the first week. This then allows you to make revisions on your WordPress website and then we’ll have a final product by the second week. We then give you detailed instructions and how you go about sing and editing the website yourself using the web builders and easy to use interface.