How much does it cost to build a website in the UK?

So this can really vary depending on the type of website that you want. For example, you could want an e-commerce website, you could want a website that is a brochure type website. We service companies with this type of web design in London all the while. These two websites a very different because one enables you to be able to process payments whilst the other is you just have your services and about us section and contact details. Because the e-commerce web site processes payments and handles highly sensitive data this is what makes that more expensive because of this highly advanced systems that need to be in place with the website. And with the brochure website, you only need to create a simple 5-page website and this is enough to be able to perform as a brochure website. Because the intention with this website is just to be able to showcase the company’s details.
There is other services that a web design company can provide you with a website however I’m not going to divulge into every single type of website you could get out there. As we would be here all day for that to happen.

The main cost of a website from a web designers point of view, is hosting, themes, domain, application/plugin integration. Briefly among these type of website costs, the main cost that will cost you the most is going to be your themes/application integration. Domains are very cheap you can normally get these for £9.99 or just a bit above that. Hosting is also incredibly economical with regards to price. So you’re themes and application integration is where the cost will come and for anyone that doesn’t really understand what that means this is what helps build the framework of your website and its functionality.
Another part that could drastically change the amount you pay for a website where are you getting the website from. You can get a website could even try and build it yourself on Wix or you can hire a freelancer on Upwork or you can come to a professional web design company such as advance agency. All of these options differ because of the final product they offer. For example, when you come to design company such as us you will be getting a professionally designed and high-quality website from industry experts. We understand the basic elements that make a website very effective. Understand how to position your buttons, how to position your navigation so your customer has the most pleasurable experience possible whilst on your website. We’ve learnt these ways in which we can develop websites due to our extensive background in digital marketing. We manage thousands of pounds in advertising spend into landing pages and web site design and development projects that enable us to figure out exactly what the customer wants when they visit a website. Therefore we create projects that work extremely well with customer experiences and mobile user experience. Applications and mobile development type products sometimes can cost much more because of the intricacies of the processing building out these applications.
Typically most web design companies price on a quote. For advanced projects this is necessary however for some projects this is just a way that companies can try and make more out of a website. In terms of giving you guys figures that you can go off for the type of fees for a web design project. A Basic 5-page brochure website you would be looking at the £1000 mark. For a e-commerce website professionally done and built on a system that is credible enough to process payments this would cost £3000. And if you were looking for a freelancer to go on a price per hour you could have probably achieve £20 or even £15 an hour if you look in the correct places. Again the quality is going to be drastically lowered then going to a web design company as they can’t include everyone’s expertise into a project (like an agency can). If you’re looking at these options and it seems still too expensive then maybe look towards providers like Wix where you can build your own website again the quality of the end product is drastically reduced due to saving costs on the website. It depends on what you’re looking to do with the website if you’re in a position where you need this website to more effectively showcase your brand and make customers aware of your credibility then it wouldn’t be the best to go with a Wix type website. If your just getting started and maybe your a one-man-band with little to no revenue yet maybe it’s better to go with a Wix until your more established. So I’ve given you their varied options and how much it cost to build a website as I said we normally quote people on what actually is involved with the project this way we can effectively manage our time spent on the project and give you the most cost-efficient price so if you are interested please get in touch with Advance Agency today.

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