How much does it cost to run a website each month?

The main cost that you will incur on a monthly basis due to your website will be hosting. Now if you’re setting up this hosting yourself cost may be very small as hosting providers that are fairly cheap e.g. namecheap, GoDaddy, and siteground. As we provide search engine optimization SEO service in London, we consistently host websites and maintain people’s sites. If you’re setting this up yourself it’s fairly economical. The typical fee you will pay for just shared hosting for the year would be £30. What do I mean by shared hosting? Shared hosting a server that hosts many different website however you have a similar IP address for multiple domains. This is the most economical hosting that you have access to if you want to have your own domain name. Or you can have free hosting but you’re most likely going to have a website’s domain at the end e.g. So this type of hosting obviously isn’t that desirable due to the credibility aspect. However shared hosting is and used by many businesses and companies out there. Now if you’re not setting up the hosting yourself manually. Most likely your hosting cost will cost between £10 to £20 per month for basic website hosting. The second type of hosting system would have is a dedicated server hosting.

This means you have your website on your own server meaning you are the only person using your IP address. There is benefits to using this type of hosting. Number one is you reframe yourself from ever getting a Google penalisation through other domains dirty works (domains not abiding by Google’s terms of service). Most people think this isn’t capable but 100-percent it can happen if a domain on your shared hosting has done something drastic enough to make Google have to intervene on you and penalize a domain. So with dedicated server hosting, you are never subject to this type of penalisation. If you were to set up this dedicated server hosting yourself this would most likely cost you between £30 and £80 per month. If this is done by an agency for you most likely it will cost you £100 to £200 per month. There’s one more type of hosting and regular maintenance that most websites will have is e-commerce hosting. Websites are slightly more sensitive due to them retrieving private details about customers payment information. Therefore they need a very secure server where people safely visit the website and process their sensitive details into each of the websites. Hosting on the e-commerce website, if an agency has done it for you, it should cost you anywhere between £75 a month £150. You may well have had your website built with Shopify or had your web designer build it through that, therefore, your hosting is likely to be $28 per month. We’re still just speaking about hosting at this moment. There are other services related to your website that you could be paying for each month. The two main services related to your website that come to mind are search engine optimisation and pay per click. Search engine optimisation involves creating relevant content on your website and off your website that boost your relevancy among certain search terms. Building this relevancy through content and links to rise and to get to the top on the front page of Google for certain search terms. This is valuable because you get in front of people that are actively searching for search terms that are important to you (aka customers looking for your service). Now the cost of this will depend on how difficult it is to get to the top of search terms that you’re looking to get on top of. For example, if it is very valuable to get to the top of Google, an example niche would be personal injury solicitor. It then takes search engine optimisation of a much higher level to be able to get your website there. And that advanced type of SEO and continuous work towards it would have to be reflected in the price per month. Can cost anything from £100 a month to £2000 a month. And typically you’ll need at least 4-6 months before you see results in Google search index. Secondly, pay per click is slightly expensive in the long run as you pay for the exposure you get however it is instant results in terms of getting customers on your website. Most clicks will cost around £1.50. The typical pay per click management fees are from £75 a month to £1000 or the paper click agency or will take 10% of the overall spend. These are all the types of costs normally associated with running your website. If you need a credible and fair company to run your website for you reach out to advance agency today and we will get you the best deal with can with any of the services mentioned above.