How much is a domain name?

Domain names price can really vary but most of the time you can get a domain name anywhere from £9.99 – £15. These are just for your standard domains(.Com,, and .net). This is what most businesses and individuals who want to pay for a domain will end up paying. As a web design agency in London that is constantly helping businesses buy domains this is the typical price we see them pay. However, domain names that are incredibly short and easy to remember can sometimes cost up to millions. These are sought after by big companies as they are so easy to remember, it makes customers be able to type them in faster and get to their website. So there are domain auctions where people will pay big money for domains that are very easy to remember. Another type of domain that could cost more than £9.99 to £15 is semi activated domains. Domains that have already had backlinks in Google and are probably still indexed are valuable and therefore can cost a bit more because sometimes they retain the value of the domain search engine history. As Google typically puts new domains into the “sandbox” for at least 6-months and when they first get started. So you’re basically starting your Google journey with a bit of a head start. Now with domain extensions these days there are so many. However not many are desirable or credible to have your business on. Also, domains with heighphens in aren’t as desirable. The domain needs to be rememberable and normally the shorter it can be the easy it is to read and type in the browswer. Take our domain for example it just has the word advance and agency. So think of the most simple way you can describe your business or say your business name and use that. You can get your domain £9.99 to £15.

You should always buy your domain yourself and not let the web design agency buy it for you. The reason for this is you want to own your domain name. If you don’t own your domain and you spend a lot into SEO, PPC, landing page creation on this domain when everything is said and done you may not be able to walk away with the domain you’ve invested in. Which is annoying and costly. I recommend that you buy your domain from would be namecheap or 123 Reg as these are costs effective domain registrars. We can help you purchase these domains yourself as we understand that tasks like this can be still quite technical. Some basic things for you to understand is your domain and hosting is separate purchases. They are individual costs and services. But the benefits of domains is brilliant. It not only makes your business or brand more credible but it gives you a chance to really make a lasting impression on the customer. It enables you to make an impression that you want to. If you want to make yourself seem premium as you have premium prices you can do that. This is a common strategy that is used by businesses that use our design agency’s expertise with their own website. Not to mention being able to have emails that have your own domain on the e.g. This again makes you look much more credible on the internet and off of it too, if you use it on your business cards or leaflets. So if you’re looking to get started with a new website you will need to pay for your own domain. You can then get your web design or development project online by getting it hosted. We can also help you with search engine optimisation and pay-per-click services if you require it. Get in touch today.