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Local search engine optimisation (known as local SEO) is the activity optimising your website in order to receive unpaid results. By results I mean your website will get in front of local searches and make your website more prominent in your local area. Similarly to National SEO you are simply increasing your online visibility and trying to bump your website up the search engine results page (SERP). In terms of the platforms that you are concerned with on this endeavour, would be Google, Bing, Yahoo, Yelp and Gumtree. You can obviously use social media sites to build your authority in your local area but the aforementioned platforms he wants to focus on.
What are we going over on this page will relate to Google and specifically How You leverage this platform. The reason why I’m just focusing on this network as it holds the most amount of traffic in general but also localised traffic. It has the most amount of local searches that can put you in contact with a customer close to you. Because many customers are now using the words ” near me” in their searches so it’s important for businesses to leverage this. The guide I’m going to walk you through today is a very basic lesson on local SEO. However, don’t believe that because it is basic it doesn’t work extremely well. Because the fact is in this niche service it’s incredibly easy if you know what to do and no what not to do. So I’m going to give you a few tips that you should be implementing.

Firstly it is important to say you have two main contributors to your local dominance as a business. You have of course your website and the next thing you should be focusing on is your Google my business (GMB) listing(s). These are the two main areas that you should seek to improve on almost daily. Now feels like I’m going to start with the GMB. Everything from your business description to your services section should be completed in full. Anywhere where you can add great and unique and you should be adding it in. You should be putting unique photos have you conducted your business, give an external view have your office as well as an internal view. Show the team members and make sure you have a clear cover photo and logo. Sure you have all the opening times filled out and anything you can should be completed. You’ll be surprised how many local businesses forget to do just this. If you don’t do this you aren’t giving yourself an optimum chance of success I’m getting in front of local searches. So once you’ve completely filled out your profile, you should begin to make time to ensure you’re adding Google posts to your listing. This type of activity is brilliant as it shows your GMB is very active and therefore a credible business that cares about their image. Citations are huge with local SEO. A Citation means having your business name, address and phone number (NAP) on a website. Now You should try and put your NAP in as many places as possible. What this does is show your brand authority in your localized region. So for example in London, you should be trying to put your citation on his many local London sites as possible. This may again sounds simple but the results are brilliant.

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Secondly, I’m going to move onto the website. You need to build a website with a structure that makes you incredibly relevant to your local customers. Firstly throughout all of your pages, you should be including local content that is relevant to the people in your area and what services they are looking for that you can provide. It’s important to have service pages that are very relevant to what the customer is looking for. For example, if you are a roofer and you have a financial advisor service page in Google eyes this quite strange and they would deem this as suspicious activity. You would probably see diminished results in your area. You want to build service pages that are relevant to your main service. This makes you very relevant in your industry niche and therefore when the customer is looking for provider the local area you should appear higher in the SERP. Secondly, you should be posting industry-relevant and locally relevant content on your website. For example in London, including in your blog something about Big Ben whilst describing your service. These are all little hints and tips that remind Google and the customer that you are in fact in the location that out. Lastly, I think to think about on your website is what is your internal linking structure looking like. This basically means within your text you should include anchor text links with relevant and descriptive anchor text. For example, when I’m discussing SEO I would link the word that I have an additional in a page and that way I’m linking my pages together (just how I’ve done in this sentence). And it’s important not to over optimise as Google will also issue a penalty for this and you will be much lower in this up.

All of these local SEO strategies are built on a solid foundation. Most of the time if you’re about to embark on this type of activity. If you just understand the simple things you should be doing right you set yourself to succeed. Trying to do everything and every SEO tactic will leave you with average results. Focus on The tips I have given you within this page and drill down on them. If you do this you will really improve your relevance in local services. Unfortunately for us when we started we had to learn all of this from scratch. We had to try and test and use all of their SEO tactics that can be found on the web. And what we found was a lot of them didn’t work and made us less relevant in the SERP. To the tips provided in this article, a tried and tested and proven to work. These are also the foundations we start any website with. Obviously we can go much higher level and advanced to be able to outrank competitors in Industries that are tough. But that’s why we’re so busy as an agency as we can rank in those tough Industries regardless of how much competition there is. So if you find yourself needing a local SEO service in London reach out to our team today.