Logo Designers

We have a real passion in providing companies with logos creating them from scratch. Our graphic designers find it a really enjoyable process as whenever any business approaches us they’re typically in a position where they’re looking to rebrand or start their business. Given their mindset, you’re dealing with customers that are in a creative headspace so it’s enjoyable showing our logo design packages. Being sure to keep our logo prices at an affordable rate while still providing aesthetically pleasing visual works. Because of our profession, we are always looking deeper into the meaning of the valuable graphic work we do. For example, is a graphic Mark (might be known as emblem or symbol) that’s entire purpose public identification and recognition. Which basically means the logo needs to be easily identified your entity in the public. This is why you include visual components that are heavily associated with your industry e.g. a residential architect will have an influence on residential visual aspects involved in their logo.

Logo creation at its finest

Truthfully this is at the core of a logo creator responsibility. You need to be able to translate what’s someone’s looking to visually communicate about their company in a logo. Which is why the idea and creative stage is so important in this process. This is when we create a mood board which involves all the elements to visually portray in their brand image. We would be including colours, objects associated with their industry, typography that they like the look of and other industry-related styles. following this initial discussion where we will sprout ideas we then create the mood board and show it to the customer. Then assess it and see styles that they like certain aspects that they don’t. We then use this feedback to begin The Creation period. It will Normally take us 1-week to be able to get the first drafts over to the customer. We will normally provide 3 to 5 different logo versions in which they can choose which aspects they like the most and what to avoid. Finally, we then take on these revisions and put together the final product that we will use as their logo/trademark for that brand. In this day and age you can actually use an online logo creator and received subpar results for free. We sometimes recommend this to customers if they don’t have a big enough budget if they don’t need premium services. But if you’re looking to really make an impression and really being able to make your logo publicly identifiable you should come to a design company like ours.  We’ve helped various size companies from a variety of different industries. Whether you are a local business looking to get a logo in order for you to put it on your Facebook page or you an international business looking to give yourself the proper corporate branding to be deemed credible in your industry, we can help you both. We pride ourselves on having affordable fixed prices as well as a highly competitive hourly rate that we can complete projects in. So reach out to us today let us know your ideas and your aspirations and we’ll look about making that become a visual reality.