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Marketing involves studying and managing exchange relationships. What we mean by this is it’s the process of identifying customer needs and demands and communicating that you’re able to satisfy them. There are many types, such as content, email and digital marketing, normally they fall under one of two categories, business to business (B2B) and business to consumer (B2C). All of these types of techniques and strategies are being used on a daily basis in London and every other city in the UK. So it’s important to keep up and remain competitive in your market. As if you’re slow to adapt in the end you will be crushed and left at home. It’s businesses that adapt to the current market that succeed because they continue to satisfy the customer needs. When a company comes to us and need a marketing plan we don’t just start going through the marketing mix (Price, Promotion, Plan and Place). We find this mixed to be slightly outdated and sometimes unnecessary the early discussions in a marketing plan. So in a typical consultation that we will have with a business that wants to market more effectively. We’ll run through what are the aspirations of what a client wants to do. Typically there is already a company doing what they want to be able to do. Unless for example there Amazon and they have a monopoly on the market. So we typically go out into the market and look at what is currently working for those other companies, and specifically, you look at their strategy. What are they doing to achieve the results that you currently want? You may then find out they’re doing a lot of pay per click (PPC). Whatever you find out and whatever strategies they are implementing they should then become a Focus of yours. As long as you know they have been engaging in this marketing activity for a fairly long period of time and consider investing into the activity. For example in the paid ads space, we would use a tool called SpyFu that allows us to see how long they have been using this marketing activity and how much they’ve invested. So once we found an activity from a competitor but they are significantly investing in we look to dominate that channel. In order to Dominate we need to improve our strategy beat them in any area that we can. You might be thinking this sounds quite competitive and we’re not being innovative. But we can innovate within the channels that have already been tried and tested by our competitors and then Double Down on what’s working. Of course, before we engage in a marketing activity we don’t have to always copy the specific vertical that another competitor is in. Because sometimes we do truly innovate and go into a space that no other competitor is in however we need a lot of evidence found through research in that it will be high return on investment (ROI) activity. By means of research, we again need to go off proven pathways but the marketing activity works and will produce results that are desired. So, in this case, we won’t be looking within our current industry we may be looking in other Industries and see what worked for them and improve upon. Again if you think this is an innovative this is what works in marketing. You could decide search engine optimisation (Seo) is the pathway to go down and none of your competitors or people in other industries are using the channel and then you spend all this time and money getting your content to the top of Google for there to be no uncertain those terms. This is why we like to wherever we can take proven concepts and improve upon them and execute with a high success rate.

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People often ask us whether marketing is a good career and whether it has good jobs. The answer is always the same it’s a brilliant industry to be in as you can very easily show your worth by providing a client with a return on investment. Also, most think you have to be a graduate or I’ve been trained by the American Marketing Association but this truly isn’t the case and we don’t ask that of our employees. How a lot of marketers started out is just through trial and error. And once you fail enough you then looking about educating yourself from credible sources which doesn’t have to be a university it can just be from someone who has proven techniques. Obviously, if you are providing clients with a high ROI your value in the agency has improved and therefore your salary should reflect that. Essentially the purpose of marketing is being able to turn £1 into £3. If you can do that providing The client ROI and they will most likely want to Double Down on whatever activity you’re implementing for them. If you’re a company in London and you’re after a marketing agency that can provide proven techniques and provide you with our way with your marketing activity then you should come to Advance Agency. We are often in Central London and many of the Boroughs throughout Greater London so if you did want a consultation in person we can do that. However, if you just wanted to start the dialogue on the phone and we can go through your marketing strategy and how we can achieve the goals you want together.