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Top Quality Lead Generation for Medical Malpractice

Would you like to receive medical negligence leads without having to market yourself? As a lead generator we take away the headache of you having to pay agencies on retainer with no guarantee on results. You pay for exactly what you receive, therefore you just pay for the amount of medical/clinical negligence leads we send you. It’s as simple as that. Your solicitor practice might only be interested in certain cases which is why we screen the leads that we generate to ensure we provide exactly the customer type you want. Medical malpractice is a devastating scenario and the life changing injuries received by the clients should be compensated for.

Our Clinical Negligence Screening Process

Our lead screening process checks most importantly for the time in which the procedure occurred. We check that the medical or health care professional negligence instance occurred less than 2 years ago. As we understand that a clinical negligence trial needs at least 12 – 24 months to be able to reach a settlement / decision in court. This way we’re able to ensure that if there is negligence present you can get your case across in under 3 years. An obvious lead screening question we check for is whether the case has already been settled. The amount of enquiries of people that decided they wanted to pursue a higher settlement amount and don’t understand that it’s now unfortunately out of their reach.

What Medical Negligence Cases Do We Generate?

The enquiries we generate covers the entire spectrum of cases related to birth, doctors, general practice (GP), hospital, physiotherapy, dentist, care home, optician, cosmetic surgery, and care home. Built within our marketing approach is a process which qualifies and disqualifies enquiries based on the details they provide. This can save your solicitors from screening leads themselves and also increase the value of what we provide you with. Our company focuses on being able to help those that can be helped. Which is why we screen our leads to ensure we provide cases that can be won. Enabling clients to receive compensation following negligence induced birth injuries, cosmetic surgeon errors, cancer misdiagnosis, spinal cord injury, orthopaedic errors or other scenarios.

How We Help Solicitors / Lawyers

We understand the regulation in your industry and the fact that all advertising must respect these guidelines. We’ve run many nationwide campaigns in your industry and therefore we always kept the advertising copy and creatives aligned with regulation. Unlike other lead generators that have a large database of leads and will not prove their marketing approach to create that database. In order to generate your business and enquiries aligned with regulation we start from scratch with each commercial relationship. We then showcase the ad copy, creative, imagery and visuals we will use in order to generate you these enquiries. This allows you as a law practice to be certain that the advert messaging is aligned with industry regulation. Therefore every customer enquiry that is delivered to you, has been marketed to in a way which agrees with the regulations. This allows many of our solicitor/lawyer partnerships to feel comfortable in being sent these leads as they know the entire marketing funnel.

How we generate leads for medical malpractice

Many lead generators aren’t comfortable in sharing the entire process (like we are). The reason they don’t share this information is because they believe you will be able to steal their marketing formula. This might be correct if they are using a low level marketing campaign. We aren’t phased by this whatsoever. Our lead generation process is impossible to replicate due to the intricacies within our funnels allowing us to achieve top quality results. We’ve dedicated so many hours in order to refine our approach and optimise our processes daily. As well as experience in the clinical negligence legal space will use again further knowledge in the medical sector.

Start ordering leads today!

We can learn so much from medical professionals, nurses, midwives and doctors which allow us to provide higher quality enquiries to solicitors. If you are interested in generating medical negligence leads on a monthly basis moving forward please do get in touch. We don’t require any commitment with long term contracts. We don’t have to lock you in as we’re so sure on the value we provide in the leads we generate. So get in touch today and let us know the requirements for the medical negligence cases your solicitor firm is interested in.

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