PPC Agency London

We are a pay per click (PPC) agency based in London and have been fortunate enough to take care of our client’s ad management. There are many types of PPC on the internet and online space, we predominately help customers search engine marketing. Unlike SEO, PPC provides you with overnight results and you can pay for your ads to be clicked have web visitors straight away. Now obviously the biggest network in this space is Google ads, however, we still help clients on other platforms such as Amazon advertising and Microsoft advertising(which was known as Bing). Also, the social media networks such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Twitter have their own advertising models where companies can pay for internet traffic. With regards to search engine PPC, the charge is normally a fixed price when someone clicks on your ad but there is also now highly advanced bidding systems in place to ensure you get the highest conversions. It doesn’t always have to be on through search you can appear on banner ads which are known as display advertisement and this is a way of bringing in relevant traffic through being on industry-relevant websites. It’s really important you get a paid ad specialist as you could end up losing money by not having the campaign managed successfully and sometimes leave yourself open to click fraud. You could get a freelancer to do it however you could paying more in the through not properly safeguarding against abusive clicked by competitors and corrupt developers. The reason why we love helping customers to this means of advertising is because the results are instant (especially in search). I really do find it fascinating that using the Google ad network you can go from one day having no exposure on the internet to the next day getting in front of active customers that are looking for your services. Because we live in an unprecedented time how to get in front of customers for the price of one click. This would take companies in the past years to be able to get their shopfront in a busy area and be able to get footfall to the business. This is why being a google ads consultant is so fun because you can provide so much value for a customer in such a short period of time.

How much does PPC cost?

On average in 2020 you should probably expect to pay anything from £1 to £2 for your clicks. Now you have to decide how many customers you can deal with on a month-to-month basis and therefore how much advertising spend you have to put in each month. Now if you were going to manage this yourself this would be your only expense (your spend) however if you wanted a professional PPC management company to take it on there would be an additional fee. Advertisement companies that would manage your campaign would either charge you a monthly retainer fee (anywhere from £150/month – £1000+) or a percentage of the ad spend (10%). Now both payment models can work for companies and deemed to be cost-effective however the management company will typically only work on a percentage of your ad spend if it’s over £5000 a month. We’ve managed campaigns for local, and International companies with Ad spends from £100 to £1000’s every month. Also a typical client for us is e-commerce websites as PPC is normally at the centre of their digital marketing strategy. Some people may say SEO is also important but with regard to this industry, it’s incredibly important to sell products online as fast as possible. Therefore the instant results this means of advertising can provide is exactly what store owners want. Because many products have a lifespan and they need to get rid of stock in order to successfully cash flow the business.  So if you’re based in London and are you’re looking for PPC services that you can rely on reach out to Advance Agency today. You will speak to one of our consultants and they will show you the viability of having a paid campaign go live.