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Shopify Agency With A Proven Track Record

Are you looking for a Shopify agency that you can rely on? Our London based web design agency is here to help with your upcoming e-commerce venture. You’ve chosen a truly amazing platform to start with. Shopify powers over 1,000,000 businesses worldwide and has a considerable market share. This gives you confidence as the consumer as you know the framework will be supported in years to come. Just from 2016 to 2019 Shopify contributed $319 billion in economic activity worldwide. If this doesn’t give you confidence in the platform I don’t know what will. Now at least you know what framework you want to use, it’s now best to determine your strategy.

Conversion Driven Shopify Agency in London

Of course, it’s important that the Shopify agency makes your new website look amazing. However, aesthetics isn’t the most important thing when it comes to your eCommerce store. Conversion and online purchases are what you should be most worried about. This is why our design team will focus your store’s user experience and ensure it works. Little changes can make a dramatic difference. Something as simple as ensuring you have your shopping cart button in plain view. Other metrics you want to be aware of is your store’s bounce rate (people arriving and leaving your webpages). Luckily with Shopify, you have a very fast loading page speed and this helps reduce your bounce rate. Other ways you can improve the user page session length is by building relevancy to their customer pathway. For example, say you are selling travel accessories, you want to ensure you have a relevant heading (h1) and relevant image above the fold. This will let your website visitor know they are indeed in the right place and continue to browse through your online stock.

Why We’re A Leading Shopify Development Agency

The reason we stand out as a Shopify agency is because we focus on what matters. Which is maximising the number of customers to buy your product. All the design elements we consider with your new eCommerce store will incorporate this business focus. Our developers are also well versed with Shopify’s own coding language “liquid” (written in Ruby), which makes us unique. Most Shopify experts aren’t as familiar as we are with this coding framework. Enabling us to outperform the stores they build, due to the amount of hardcoded elements they forget to optimize. With Shopify, there are certain bits of code that are hard to edit that can affect your search engine visibility. We overhaul the entire code to ensure you are indexing and supplying google with the right content and metadata to help you thrive. Most of all we keep in mind what your customer is likely going to type in to find you. We make sure your e-commerce store will be in the right place when they become ready to buy.

What Makes A Great Shopify Store?

In order to have a great Shopify store you need a few essential elements. You firstly need high-resolution images and videos if possible. This will allow you to showcase your product in a way that makes online traffic trust your store and product. You want your product to look so good they have to buy it. You also want to ensure you write a good product description in full and write them in an appealing way. Basically, you want to use text that appeals to your ideal online buyer and use sensory ways of describing your product. Unfortunately just good content and visuals aren’t enough. You need your Shopify agency to make sure your website is appearing high in search. You want to be found when customers are looking for you. Ways in which you can improve your online presence is through publishing relevant industry articles. This will allow you to build authority in your industry and push relevancy to your website. This will also allow other people in your industry to recognise your brand.

When looking at the range of options available in the market this platform definitely stands out. Shopify’s 1,000,000 users speak for itself. It’s quite evident that the Canadian e-commerce company based in Ottawa, Onta is a market leader.

Another reason why we as a website agency recommend Shopify first on all our e-commerce builds. The number of users it has and the flexibility of the platform make it a great choice. There was clearly a need in the market and when Tobias Lütke, a computer programmer, developed the initial version in 2006, he was on to something. So if you’re looking for a credible Shopify agency that can take your venture to the next level, reach out today. We would be happy to walk through your requirements and provide a quotation for the website upfront.

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We work across all platforms