WordPress Developer London

Our development team love helping our customers with WordPress websites and they continue to grow in popularity. WordPress.org is a content management system (CMS) is completely free and open-source and a brilliant way. Another benefit of using this platform is you don’t have to be a developer or know how to code to be able to use it. Although the system is built on PHP and matched up with a MySQL or MariaDB database, it’s incredibly easy to use once it’s been installed on a server. Historically it’s always been used as a blog publishing system but since then it’s completely evolved and now allowed all different types of sites from membership sites to learning management systems to online stores. And now WordPress is used by more than 60 million websites and out of the top 10 million websites 33.6% use this as their platform. To have this amount of Engagement makes it a brilliant and reliable choice for many small business and individuals because it’s free and has a wide support network.

Want a professional WordPress site?

Of course, our development team can greatly enhance your WordPress site by allowing our developers to add in their own code and add additional functionalities. But just on its own, it’s incredible that consumers can use it for free. Obviously, if you want a bespoke and custom build then you would need a developer to be able to help you throughout this process which is where we can help out. Also if you’re a business that needs to have a very professional online presence then I will always advise coming to an agency like ours to get the expert assistance. It’s a brilliant choice of anyone looking to improve their online presence and have minimum headaches moving forward with regard to making updates themselves. Some of our customers were used to freelancers in the past wanting to code the website from scratch then the customer is in the position where they can’t make changes themselves. Therefore they would have to pay the consultant every change that they request at an hourly rate. Most of our client base comes to us with the desire for the project to be built on this platform as they know they can edit it easily in the future and make updates and post blog articles if they wish. Given how easy some of the website builders are these days you can make updates to your website seamlessly. However, if you aren’t technical and well versed with technology I wouldn’t recommend building your own WP site yourself as if not done correctly you leave yourself prone to security issues and potential structure errors in the future. The main problems that people that are interested in doing it themselves encounter security issues not being able to get the end product that they want. The security issues normally happen due to outdated plugins and using themes that don’t have a brilliant support network and have enough users to be able to provide a good enough framework. A plug-in enables you to be able to add more functionality to your website and intertwines with your code, which can sometimes create weak points enable malicious malware attacks where they can redirect traffic to their spam sources. Obviously going with an agency like ours you stop yourself from ever being in a position like this. You can also be sure that you’re going to get high-end quality framework at the end of it, and brilliant support moving forward. We like to give our customers tutorials on how they can go about updating and editing the website in future. This has been very valuable for our clients and also benefit from having the continued support (included domain and hosting support) which they can tap into at any time. So if you thinking about starting with WordPress talk to Advance Agency today our team of experienced technicians will walk you through the process benefit for this excellent management system.